About me

I am Jasmine Nora Jones, a seeker of truth and beauty. 


I find value in the worn and tarnished, the patina and tattered, the distressed and imperfect. I draw inspiration from salvage shops, nature walks and honest expressions. I believe in risk-taking and letting peace be my guide. 


I often use various mediums interchangably as the mood strikes or as necessity allows. For me, it's always the process of creating that brings me personal fulfillment. The medium-of-choice is less important than the practice of channeling ideas from my head to my hand, however the outcome may be. I believe that my passion to create is the most intimate way I know God.


At my day job, I am a senior graphic designer for American Crafts in Salt Lake City, Utah. We make memory keeping a beautiful experience through providing innovative scrapbook supplies and a community of like-minded crafters. When I'm not at work, I continue my passion for art and design by creating illustrations that often include hand lettering or floral designs. I also enjoy mixed media art, gardening, antique shopping and coffee. I share snippets from my daily life and current creative projects over on Instagram. I hope to see you there.